Eggs Pipérade; dog’s best friend — 9 Comments

  1. Katie – your story made me howl! Too funny, and I so know about the cat rub, the dogs eyes intensely watching…poor mon mari, however, you are the wise one here. I would have rolled on the floor laughing too! 😉

  2. Katie,
    As always, great story; great recipe.
    I’m sure your hubs is looking forward to looking after the girls, alone, while you’re gone. He did, after all, decide to get both of them. 🙂
    Best regards,

  3. “The dog’s eyes light up…” I particularly enjoyed this line having seen similar from our usually disinterested mutts. The Eggs Piperade has me drooling across the Pond, in the middle of a desert, at 0530 (thankfully not hit by “space junk” overnight).

  4. I love cats and dogs…never a dull moment when they’re around. I also love this dish…sounds super fresh flavored and delicious!

  5. Val, it’s a better story after the fact LOL
    Ina, our animals are really incredibly smart – or conniving…
    Brassfrog, I might have pointed that fact out to him…. once or twice….
    TikiPundit, the puppies can go from sound asleep in the far corner of the yard to alert and sitting prettily in the blink of an eye when they hear the treat cabinet open… Glad the ‘junk’ missed…
    Joanne, never a dull moment is the truth… and rarely a calm one¬

  6. Hilarious tale. I have lost countless food items over the years, left too close to the edge of bench, then when my back is turned, clever and conniving canines make their move.

  7. We run through the same animal scenario at home! Except we have two dogs juggling for the treat instead of cat and dog =)
    This dish sounds incredibly delicious and perfect for a light lunch or breakfast!

  8. manningroad, I have lost a bit myself – especially with dogs who are at eye level with the countertop, sitting….
    Peggy, the dogs would fight over it – the cat just disappeared LOL