Green Tomato and Zucchini Bake — 7 Comments

  1. Wow! (sigh) Now, if I were in Michigan I could go to that farmer’s market and have loads of those zebras to make this. (sigh) Such is not the case. I’d have to buy them at Whole paycheck and … well there you are.

  2. great theme zucchini. and great recipe, I will make this soon! with what would you suggest to serve it? ciao!

  3. Our small garden gave up weeks ago. But my DIL’s Mother just brought us bushels of tomatoes. The Cherokee Purples are my favorite. Even with 10 people eating them for 4 days, we still have some left. Your dogs have gotten so big.

  4. Same situation, except I seem to be unable to find the courgettes until they reach epic proportions. Looks like it’s time to make and freeze the mini zucchini gratins. Thank God for the mini french fry blade on the food processor.
    Now, about all those pesky tomatoes. Why couldn’t you have come sooner? Oh, and the basil! Best year EVER for basil, and HUGE in flavor. What did I do different this year?
    Oh well, the neighbors always appreciate extra free food. 🙂

  5. Katie, the great thing about baked dishes is that if you put delicious things in – they’re almost certain to come out even better! You have some great ingredients here and, as a whole, the dish is very well conceived. Bravo!

  6. Tanna, and here I pictured you summering in Michigan…. Too bad – or did the mosquitoes drive you off?
    Italian Smorgasbord, anything – for us that would be anything from the grill!
    Penny, puppies are growing in leaps and bounds. Not familiar with the purple, but any from the garden are good… Well, I did plant one that I thought was rather tasteless – Ananas. 2 years ago I loved them, this year big and blah.
    Brassfrog, you have to pick them small. You have to look twice, every day. And they still get missed until they’re blimp size. My year was great for tomatoes, mediocre for basil – fortunately I overplant….
    Viviane, I agree totally – am glad I can use the oven again now that the evenings are cooler.

  7. We grow lots of zucchini in our garden and different kinds of red tomatoes. I have never heard of the Zebra tomatoes. They sound great so I will have to watch for available seeds. The casserole sound like it will be delicious.