Grilled Pork Chops with Sweet Mustard — 10 Comments

  1. Katie – I so agree! Can’t wait to dig into big pots of stews, soups, root veggies. I absolutely adore summer, but come Sept. I want to hunker down, by the fire, savory foods, and have a good book to read.

  2. I’m fed up with hunkering down and shivering – I am over wintry food and feel jaded with soups and pasta. I am longing for the freshness of crisp salad vegies and warm tomatoes from the garden so roll on summer !

  3. Ina, I’m ready to change with the seasons.
    manningroad, you are exactly where I’ll be in 6 months… wish I could send you some tomatoes!

  4. This is so funny, because this is exactly why I decided to read your blog today! I have a cast iron Dutch oven I got earlier this summer and haven’t used, and it’s turned cold here. I am dying to try out my new toy but can’t decide what to make and needed some inspiration! Were it about 20 degrees warmer I’d have no problem with more grilling and salads (and in fact had grilled balsamic pork chops last night). But right now, I just want to play with the Dutch oven! Some kind of squash-chicken stew sounds about right.

  5. I’m never ready for summer to end, so Im always scouring the markets for those last few tomatoes (I can freeze them as homemade marinara) and whatever hothouse plants are being offered by the farmers. Although I love a good soup or braised hunk of meat, I’m not always thrilled with winter veggies like squash. I don’t always look forward to winter cooking, even though I realize this time of year is best for apple pie.
    I would eat these pork chops any time of year. I just wno’t grill them. I can’t grill since I live in an apartment so that makes it easier. 😉

  6. Summer hasn’t come to end where I live… right now it is 92 degrees. I like to eat salad and soup any time of the year. Great recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Tracy, there’s something about cool weather that just cries out for stews.
    Rachael, I hate to see summer end – and yet, look forward to the winter meals…. But we love all the squashes.
    Greg, our seasons aren’t nearly as pronounced here as we were used to in the Midwest…. Much prefer the milder climate, but still enough of a winter to crave comfort food.
    Susie, orange marmalade is summer staple at hour house for marinades.
    Christine, we didn’t have much of a summer to start with…. but the fall is shaping up nicely…. Still grilling

  8. The pork chops look super tasty. I have some orange marmalade I should try making these for sure.