La Vendange or making wine, the country way — 5 Comments

  1. It does look and sound wonderful Katie. I do understand, it must have been a ton of work! And for mediocre wine, when France sells such wonderful wine? I would opt for lazy, let go of the romanticism, and sit back sipping a wonderful French red wine – preferably looking at the stunning view from your new balcony!

  2. wow. thank you for sharing about the real thing. it does look appealing but I imagine it was a lot of work. I have always been romantic about working the land, but I am a totally lazy being. I guess I would have let the vines die during winter time. impressed that you went so far and made your own wine!

  3. Ina, that’s exactly what we thought! The locals, however, thought our wine (and theirs) was wonderful….
    manningroad, I agree totally!
    Zoomie, and we have such wonderful selections! Still, I appreciate it much more than before.
    My Italian, it was fun – but 3 years was more than enough!