Moroccan Courgette — 8 Comments

  1. This dish looks wonderful Katie. I have to say, those critters, are indeed cute. Can you send one to my daughter? She would be most grateful, as she is paranoid of any and all spiders, which are abundant now. Just don’t tell her cats!

  2. Wendy, I wish I could – and I wish they ate more of them… Had a monster spider in the bathroom the other night!
    Tanna, sorry, we don’t do ticks (hate ticks)
    Ina, I am absolutely terrified of spiders. These guys are cute. I hope they eat lots. The spiders are everywhere right now.
    JDeQ, maybe I could start a business….
    kitchenroach, we have snails (which, of course we COULD eat) but not many slugs, thankfully.
    Yesim, they are darling, aren’t they?
    Thankson both counts Christine – I’ll pass it along.