Potato Celeriac Gratin; the update — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks for reminding me that I should cook with celeriac more often, and more creatively. This is going on my Thanksgiving menu.

  2. I can always find celeriac, too. And many vendors at my weekly market sell halves, easier to use up that way.

  3. celeriac, unfortunately tastes too much like celery for me…but if I liked celery I can tell that I would love this.

  4. I am not such a huge fan of celery or celeriac – I have dreadful memories of my mother serving cooked celery with a white sauce to us as kids ! How awful is that ??

  5. Love the remote holder idea, nothing is more frustrating than “losing” a remote.I would love to add celeriac to my repertoire more often.

  6. The progress is amazing, but so is the amount left to do! What will you do when it’s all done – sell up and move to another place and begin again? Or have you found the perfect place now?

  7. Lydia, I love it… but, like you, kind of forget about it.
    Ina, thanks. It’s great in stews – like any root vegetable.
    Meredith, halves would be much easier. Isn’t funny, tho – celery is sometimes hard to find, but not celeriac.
    Joanne, no celery? I can’t imagine cooking without it….
    manningroad, mon mari loves that – I’ll pass. I grew up eating it raw and loving it.
    Val, yeah, I thought that was great – I wonder how long it will be before he forgets to put it back LOL
    Zoomie, yes, the amount left to do is staggering. What’s next is totally up in the air.
    Liz, thanks…