Potato Celeriac Gratin; the update

The ceiling is finished.

The fan is installed.

Mon mari named it Amelia.

He ordered it on-line as we weren’t having any luck finding one in the shops.

It was a little bigger than expected….

According to mon mari, it’s roughly the size of of the propeller on Amelia Earhart’s plane.


He even has all the little trim bits done.

Since Amelia (the fan) is out of reach (high ceiling) it came with a remote.

Since remotes always get lost….

He nailed the holder to the post next to the fan.

Then, after he finally exhausted all the excuses and little odd jobs he could think of, he started working on the plumbing in the second bathroom upstairs.

It invloved some cursing, a lot of standing and staring… but the plumbing is in place and the frame for the tub made… You can see it leaning on the shower.

Do you like celeriac?

I do.

Strange as it may seem – I can’t always find celery but I can always find celeriac.

As it’s a rather large vegetable, and we are only two, I have to come up with interesting ways to use it…. Other than adding it to the usually soups and stews.

So, I’m experimenting.

This gratin will go into the recipe repertoire…. Definitely worth repeating.Potato Celeriac Gratin

Potato and Celeriac Gratin

4 medium potatoes
1/2 large celeriac
1/2 cup milk,
3oz (90gr) Gruyère, either shredded or sliced (if shredded, 3/4 cup)
10 – 15 fresh sage leaves
2 tsp butter
salt, pepper

Peel celeriac using vegetable peeler or sharp knife.  It’s knobby and needs to be peeled aggressively.  Slice celeriac and potatoes as thinly as possible with a sharp knife. Keep slices of both in a bowl of water while you work as they discolor.
To assemble: Butter a gratin dish.  Layer 1/2 of the potatoes in the dish, toppped by 1/2 the celeriac, sage and cheese.  Repeat.  Pour the milk over the top. Cover with foil and bake (400F, 200C) for 60 minutes. 

I didn’t put a lot of other flavors in this as I wanted to learn how the celeriac tasted  ….

Stay tuned for more celeriac…

10 thoughts on “Potato Celeriac Gratin; the update”

  1. The progress is amazing, but so is the amount left to do! What will you do when it’s all done – sell up and move to another place and begin again? Or have you found the perfect place now?

  2. Lydia, I love it… but, like you, kind of forget about it.
    Ina, thanks. It’s great in stews – like any root vegetable.
    Meredith, halves would be much easier. Isn’t funny, tho – celery is sometimes hard to find, but not celeriac.
    Joanne, no celery? I can’t imagine cooking without it….
    manningroad, mon mari loves that – I’ll pass. I grew up eating it raw and loving it.
    Val, yeah, I thought that was great – I wonder how long it will be before he forgets to put it back LOL
    Zoomie, yes, the amount left to do is staggering. What’s next is totally up in the air.
    Liz, thanks…

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