Puppies and cars

We have a modest success.

Bonnie will now (twice) get in the car without help…. But I still have to be sitting in the back, also, treat in hand.

Today, she didn't even bury her head in my lap, first, but laid down and enjoyed her treat.

Guapa got in once under her own power – only because she was trying to steal Bonnie's treat.

I think she suprised herself….

I'm a little worried that it's too high for them to jump in and out.

Then I see them doing cartwheels on the lawn when they're playing and decide they can handle it.

At least they no longer run and hide when mon mari comes to help them in….

Now, if I can only keep them from eating all the leaves.

It's fall.

There are leaves.

I keep telling them: Tu n'est pas une vache! (You are not a cow)

It does no good.

They eat grass and leaves and sticks and everything else that can possibly go in their mouths.

Maybe I should be saying: Tu n'est pas une chevre. (You are not a goat).

6 thoughts on “Puppies and cars”

  1. Dave, we won’t even discuss the figs…. and the little tiny fig seeds….
    Jann, I swore I would never get another after my last two…. and look at would I did.
    Christine, they are each other’s best friend… man (or woman) comes next i’m afraid…. But they are cuddly.
    Zoomie, it’s anything and everything in the mouth, simple as that.
    manningroad, thanks, I’m getting tired of crawling in the back with treats LOL

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