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Puppies turn 6! (months), and what we learned about lizards — 6 Comments

  1. I loathe and despise big spiders and here in Australia we have our fair share – bigger than Buick !! I could almost sell and move house to get away from them !!

  2. I live in a condo and yet I still see spiders in their new home, my home, for the winter. Since I live by myself I have had to get on with it.

  3. Your girls are growing up fast and becoming such lovely dogs. Guapa’s fur is so shiny, it’s almost pearlescent. And spider killers to boot! Lucky you.

  4. manningroad, that’s one reason I could never live there…. I read about your spiders….
    Val, nothing is safe!
    Zoomie, they are getting to be big dogs already…. still play like puppies though.
    Phoenicia, well, they didn’t eat it.. but they did damage it. The lizards they eat (bleh!) They are pretty girls – I’ll give them a cuddle for you.

  5. Beautiful dogs. And apparently very camera friendly too! My dog is beautiful too, but always shies away when you try to take her picture. Shies away from bugs too!