Puppy love, training problems — 4 Comments

  1. Repetition is the only thing I can think of for the “down.” And lots of praise once they are down. With such a large breed, it does sometimes take them longer, physically, to do what you ask, so give them a 10 second pause after the command for the process to go from puppy brain to puppy muscles. Cora was very bad at down, too (still is, a bit) but a sweeping hand gesture, especially when the hand contains a tasty treat, seems to work best for her. Good luck!

  2. No advice, sorry – with Ginny the tennis ball about to be thrown will be the incentive. I also feed my dogs away from each other – one outside and one in the kitchen – as one gulps/hoovers the food in one fell swoop and the other chews ever morsel and takes forever.

  3. Dave, my aunt had perfectly trained cats…. ;-))
    Zoomie, Could be because they are just so busy they don’t want to be down LOL Guapa is finally getting it, but not Bonnie. I’ve never had this problem with older dogs. Puppies are very forgetful…. they are perfect for 3 days then forget everything!
    manningroad, I’m sure it’s a phase. 3 weeks ago Bonnie was the fast one and Guapa was picking (Guapa didn’t like the food)I just wish I could put the food down and forget it. Ain’t going to happen LOL I think Bonnie just taunts her….