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Steak with Rosemary Mushroom Sauce — 9 Comments

  1. OH… you had me very excited for a bit… way back in teh day, the French hid their very valuable family vintages in a variety of ways when the Nazi’s advanced. Was hoping for one of those stories.
    Planning my grilling sessions as we speak for this weekend, so always timely to see a steak recipe right before a holiday (in the states) weekend!

  2. I second Dave here! Although I was afraid the French government pointed your way to search for artifacts.(our city actually asked for permission to take soil samples in our yard… it looks like we have to grand them permission to do so)
    Love the rosemary sauce, my rosemary bush is growing out of proportion and it look like we will be grilling tomorrow!

  3. Who knows what other treasures you may encounter! I hope they are better than empty champagne bottles. Maybe the neighbors know?

  4. How exciting is that! I bet its so much fun finding things, I am jealous! Especially because this steak looks amazing! Have a great weekend!

  5. Dave, this place was a French farm – they wouldn’t have put the wine in the dirt without passing it through the kidneys first LOL
    Baking Soda, government requests always scare me….
    Zoomie, so far all the ‘treasures’ have been pretty decrepit!
    Dawnie, it’s not so much fun finding them with the lawnmower blade, though ;-))
    Carolyn, thanks (about the steak) – yeah, makes life interesting.
    Zoomie, now if we can just repeat it on a regular basis.
    Sandi, I love that combination, too.
    Susan, if we find a treasure the world will hear of it!