Summer Vegetable Mélange; the update — 8 Comments

  1. The buried pot is wild – one wonders! Are you aware that there are women who would _kill_ for a handy man like ton mari? What a gem!

  2. Wonderful dish to come up with. I know how it is with garden….we are down to a few zucchinis, beans, and a few tomatoes….hope our Indian summer continues…your wine cellar looks lovely too!

  3. Val, summer is ending very fast here – not the temps, but the garden…
    Simona, desperate times and all that… I totally rely on the garden in summer – if there’s nothing there we go hungry!
    Zoomie, I wish I could ask someone why they do some of these things…. Why bury bottles? or pots? As to mon mari…. I’ll keep him. thank you.
    Ina, 2 days later my counter was full. Now it’s bare again.
    manningroad, I never would have thought that 15 years ago – briefcase in hand, not logs.
    Dave. it’s far too sharp to even get near without heavy gloves. I’m amazed we have no cut feet or paws
    Christine, I do my jobs…. 😉