Christmas Hampers — 4 Comments

  1. Why bthank you Katie, I would love to have you sen me a M & S Christmas Hamper. The one with fine English ales please.

  2. I often put together a gift basket for a few special people. Handmade soaps, jams, chocolates, etc. I think about the recipient and their tastes in food, and spend a lot of time picking out or making just the right things. And it is so fun to watch them pull out all the individual items, knowing I shopped or created with just them in mind!

  3. brassfrog, I’ll send you one if you send me one….
    Cindy, my favorite kind of basket. I used to do small ones when we lived in the US – not so nice as yours sound 😉
    manningroad, the hampers look wonderful – when we were in the US we used to get big tins of popcorn…. Not quite the same.