Sage Potato Chips; the update — 10 Comments

  1. Ha ha! Yes, it does not take too many times for dogs to know what mouse trap means. And the bathroom is Wonderful! Wow! Very lovely!

  2. A finished bathroom complete with water heater!! How wonderful. No wonder the mice think they should move in.
    Those potatoes look wonderful as well.

  3. brassfrog, yeah, hard to believe, isn’t it?
    lannae, but that cheese is soooo tempting.
    manningroad, thanks.
    Ina, thanks – we’re pleased…. now LOL
    Tanna, thanks – I’ll tell mon mari.
    Elizabeth, the mice have already moved in…. the little darlings….

  4. Peggy, thanks. I wasn’t really happy with the tiles when we bought them, but they really work in this small bathroom.
    Emily, I totally understand. And I can’t imagine having a husband who couldn’t do this stuff LOL