Stir-Fried Turkey with Cabbage and Cashew; Life Lessons Learned — 10 Comments

  1. You definitely have more patience than I do! It was good for your mon mari to have to deal with it all. Now he knows how hard you work to keep things in order. Maybe next time, take everyone with you on the trip and hire a handyman! LOL!

  2. Your husband MUST be related to my husband.
    I made turkey loaf for supper, but I froze the rest of the breasts I bought, so may try this next time.

  3. I laughed out loud at the idea of taping the list to his face. Very funny! Sometimes, even the best of maris are clueless.

  4. It never pays to go away I find as instructions are never followed, domestic standards slip appallingly and when one returns there is a huge amount of work to recover those said standards thereby negating any effects a vacation may have had – sad but true round here !!

  5. That’s so sad!! But let’s play the Glad Game. I’ve heard that perennial herbs love to be planted in the autumn. (I don’t suppose any of your neighbours need to divide their thyme, rosemary, sage, etc. etc… and can give you pieces.)
    I remember coming back after a longish trip when a sister was valiantly taking care of all of my herbs. She met me at the door and looked a little guilty. She confessed that she had forgotten to water for a couple of days and that all but one had died. She triumphantly held up a shrivelled rosemary plant. “Ummm, that’s dead.” “It is??? But it’s green.” “No, it’s grey green. We can probably use it dried though.”

  6. Pam, and a puppy-sitter LOL
    Meredith, I think they are ALL related 😉
    Zoomie, they are – he did get a lot done, though….
    Val, at least the butternut squash all survived – they were ready for picking anyway.
    manningroad, domestic standards?!? The dishes were done…. that counts, right? (He actually hoovered and mopped the floors)
    Elizabeth, his bright side is that he wanted to move the herb garden anyway…. Nice try. No, you do not need to add that. I completely understand. I discussed it with the puppies, quietly, of course.

  7. I’ve been visiting my son for two weeks and mon mari and puppy have been doing their best to manage without me. Mon mari has perfected his tomato and cheese salad and the very, very end of tomato season. Alas.

  8. Carol, I hope everything is perfect for you – but not so perfect that they aren’t totally grateful for your return. LOL