Stuffed Peppers, Moroccan Style; the update — 8 Comments

  1. I just read about you on Recipecard. You surely have a great blog; love this unusal stuffed pepper recipe and your way of getting ready for winter.

  2. Reading your post made me remember my childhood. We used to get tons of wood early autumn for the coming winter.
    How I miss those days, and the sound of the fire in the living room.
    Your stuffed peppers look great!

  3. Thanks, Rita – and thanks for the visit ;-))
    brassfrog, it was 😉
    Meredith, it was very boring exercise – rather be riding my bike!
    manningroad, that should be the end of the wood work for this season – hopefully!
    Baker Street – any time….
    Carol, warm food in front of the stove – winter!
    Roxana, I think they sound better in retrospect LOL… Although the fire is very nice.