Turkey with Chard and Butternut Squash — 7 Comments

  1. OH NO – what a nauseating experience, one I have never had thank heavens but you never know what might be lying in wait do you. I have just rung the pestilence man – I fear rats in the roof !!

  2. Auuuughhhhhhhhhhh!!! That is MUCH worse than discovering that mice have been partying on the shelf with the raisins, dates, chocolate and packages of spaghettini. We too put poison down. And it appears that the mouse party is definitely over.
    It never occurred to me to watch for maggots in the bedroom….
    I love the look of your squash and chard dish (I’m completely avoiding noticing the similarity of shape between rice and… no… I’m avoiding that thought!!)

  3. Maggots, Cherie Katie, especially the BIG FAT WHITE ONES, are called “Gents” in our neck of the woods (Australia) and are bred to catch the most delictable King George Whiting. Whiting are very nice fish 🙂
    If ever you should be in South Australia, please try them! Maggots in the house … mmm that’s another story!!!

  4. We’re plagued by Norwegian roof rats and had one die under the floor so I’m really familiar with the odor you describe. Fortunately any maggots stayed under the house!

  5. If you sprinkle freshly ground coffee around the vicinity of the nasty smell, it will mask delightfully the stench until the corpse stops smelling. Doesn’t help with the maggots, however… This I know from bitter personal experience. 🙂

  6. TikiPundit – thanks…..
    manningroad,this is the worst, so far….
    Elizabeth, just hope they don’t die somewhere you have no access too…. Of course, if we lived where it froze it would help. Please ignore the rice…. please.
    Gail, I’d be happy to send you mine – if I could stand to touch them, that is.
    Kerry, I have no idea how they are getting into the bedroom – must be through the ceiling but we can’t find the spot… Unless it’s in the beams…. Under the house would be better.
    Zoomie, Thanks for the tip – I’ll remember that. The smell is gone, I think the maggots took care of it ;-))