Bonnie is a baby!

A wuss; a wimp; a cry-baby.

Bonnie is a baby.

She was a fierce puppy, as you can see.

Now she's a baby.

She was spayed last week.

She did not take it at all well.

When we went to pick her up I heard her start crying the minute I spoke to the assistant.  When the assistant went to get her, she had to almost drag Bonnie out of the back room, crying all the way.  I knelt down to her and she lunged at me, burying her nose in my lap, crying and trembling.  It took my 5 minutes to calm her enough to get her in the car. 


When we got her home, she slept for a few hours.

Then things got really strange.  She would jump up and race across the room, then flop down and frantically chew at the bandage.  After four or five times, she'd settle down and sleep again.

A few hours later she'd do it all over again.

By the next afternoon I was going a little crazy.

I talked to the vet and he said the bandage was probably tugging on her fur.  I could take it off, but to mind the stitches.

I tried taking it off but she cried and squirmed and it was impossible. 

I compromised by cutting the fur on both sides of the bandage as best I could.

Problem solved.

The next problem, which will be much more challenging, is to keep them from playing for three more weeks.

I don't know if that's possible.

I don't know if I'll last.

Today, Bonnie started the racing and flopping routine again.

I decided it was time to take the bandage off whether she was willing or not.

She looks a little strange with the bizarre fur-cut I gave her. 

Guapa doesn't even want to look at her.

She finally relented and gave Bonnie a doggie hug of commiseration.

Life has settled down for the moment.

It won't last.

Guapa's next.

6 thoughts on “Bonnie is a baby!”

  1. Oh, dear, I’ve never had one of my girls react like that, nor was I cautioned to keep them quiet for three weeks! They must do spaying differently in France. Good luck, and I hope Bonnie recovers her spirits soon.

  2. Awwww! Poor Bonnie Baby!
    She is not taking negative experiences too easy, is she? Well I guess we would not jump in joy after a similar surgery tho…
    Hope she is back to her happy self soon! *hugs*

  3. Brassfrog, poor Bonnie indeed! She’s back in rare form this morning – and resumes her name of Trouble!
    Zoomie, the girls just play so rough – like 2 line-backers tackling each other. Don’t want to do any internal damage. I’ll check with the Vet again Friday when her stitches come out. It’s different though, no ‘operating theatre’, just the dog on the table LOL

  4. I recall Lucy coming back from the vet after the same operation and leaping miles high off the back verandah – minutes after the vet saying to us “keep her quiet” – it’s nigh on impossible !!!!!

  5. Astrid, no, she doesn’t do well with negatives… LOL.I give her lots of hugs.
    Kate, keeping either of them quiet is impossible – they feed off each other.

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