Butternut Squash Gratin; Culture shock — 7 Comments

  1. My favorite of all our holidays is Thanksgiving, so I’d miss it dreadfully if I lived abroad. But your idea of enjoying the sides is a good one – that’s the best part of Thanksgiving dinner, anyway.

  2. Oh this sounds and looks fabulous. I love the idea of a gratin that is not smothered in heavy cheese, cream and butter. I love butternut squash and eat it from september to march or so. Thanks for sharing!
    I hope whatever you do this Thanksgiving is very enjoyable!

  3. Awesome recipe! I know how you feel in a way, since my daughter lives in England. So many things different there. And so many things she misses. Her family (us) also live in Wisconsin!
    Small world isn’t it?

  4. Ha ha ha I love that joke, actually! And I do not celebrate Thanksgiving here – haven’t in 25 years except the one time we happened to be back in the US one end of November. But Americans just don’t get it – that we don’t celebrate. It doesn’t mean we don’t love having friends over for dinner, just not Thanksgiving. But I do love that Butternut squash gratin!

  5. Zoomie, I always enjoyed it, too, but it’s about the people…. Maybe. someday. we’ll meet other Americans and have a party!
    Elizabeth, absolutely…. I know yours is about a month earlier – when it’s still nice outside – usually….
    Sc, Hmmmmm
    Denise, we eat it as long as it lasts…. usually until about the middle of February. It keeps well LOL
    Curt, small world indeed. I grew up on the Minnesota border – the Mississippi….
    Jamie, yeah, we can still have the dinner with all the trimmings… I found a small turkey a few years ago and made the whole bit just for us!