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Fried Carrots; the update — 9 Comments

  1. Carrots are so inexpensive and we do tend to forget about them. These look great. And congrats. on the room.

  2. I always have carrots around also and never seem to know what to do with them! These sound delicious.

  3. I would never have thought of frying a carrot – sounds like a fun preparation, and a little different. Gonna try it. And your mari – that man amazes me with his skills. Tell him from me that he’s my hero.

  4. 5 star foodie, they really are delicious!
    BC, carrots are good food..
    manningroad, Carrot Chips – much better name, thanks!
    Tanna, it goes so slowly some days….
    Gary, thanks. As to the carrots… they keep well, so are always in the fridge as a fall back.
    Joanne, exactly – and they are good.
    Zoomie, I wouldn’t have either – it was prep for a stew – naturally I tasted as I cooked….
    Christime, right!