Greek Chicken on Orzo; Conversations — 10 Comments

  1. Laughed out loud all the way through! I’m a bit like your Mari, however, I think they are cute and I might not make them move on…

  2. Wheeeeee!!! I know it’s wrong to laugh at the misfortunes of others. I really do. But, but, well… I can’t help myself. (It reminds me of the insane arguments that we have, when in fact, it turns out that we are in complete agreement about something.)
    (I looked at the photo on the other post and I must admit that the lerots are kind of cute.)

  3. -chuckles- Always love your little stories, they’re cute and put a smile on my face! Which, I think, is a great way to start off a day.
    The chicken and orzo look amazing…definitely a must try recipe!

  4. Zoomie, they ARE cute – but a bit noisy and destructive… but the DO eat spiders, so….
    Elizabeth, we have that same conversation – change nouns and verbs, so many times….. Sometimes it gets down to ‘What are YOU talking about?
    Val, I think they like us….
    AJ Hwang, glad to make you laugh ;-)) The chicken and orzo is worth a try.
    manningroad, I need to find out if we have exterminators…. Most people just get a cat.

  5. Oh, the Lerot are so cute!! I wouldn’t want them in say, my house, but they would be welcome in the barn/garage. 😀
    The chicken also would be welcome… in the house with that though… right in my belly. Yum!!

  6. Lydia, we think alike 😉
    Janet, they are cute. The barn shares a roof with the house, so once they’re in the rafters…..
    jen, thanks – and thanks for visiting.