Lasagne Bolognese; Ragù Bolognese; Busy Times

It’s been a busy few days, chez nous.

Puppies first:

The puppies First Human (their breeder) arrived yesterday for a short visit – to the puppies.

Naturally the little darlin’s wanted to appear at their best.

It would have been easier if they hadn’t gone walkabout on Sunday through the muddy farm fields.


They were pretty well cleaned-up, but still had brown patches that needed a good brushing.


Which I didn’t have time to do, having to make Lasagne Bolognese (recipe below) for dinner.

Bonnie went under the knife today (spayed).  Very traumatic, but so far, so good.  Update next week – when she quits crying.

Mon mari has been busy (well, up until Sunday, anyway…. ) finishing and redoing stuff.

He has the frame for the cabinets done and the drawers made.  He’s painting the doors and drawer fronts.


In between coats of paint he decided (finally) to finish our bathroom… Those little bits like fastening on the tub front….


Finishing the trim, making mop-boards….  All those little things that didn’t seem important in the push to get things livable last spring.

While he was at it he thought he’d redo the step in front of the shower.

He wasn’t please with it.

Little by little it gets finished.

And I cook….

The beans are bubbling away on the cook top in preparation for the Cassoulet I’m making for dinner tonight.

I made this Lasagne Bolognese for dinner last night….

I really needed this after the all day lunch on Sunday…. I’ll be living on apples and yogurt for the rest of the week (month).

Until then, I’ll enjoy every bite!

By the way if you think ‘Bolognese’ is just another term for a simple tomato-meat sauce you are oh so very wrong.

The recipe, Ragù Bolognese, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Ragù Bolognese.

The recipe, Lasagne Bolognese, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Lasagne Bolognese.

The boys have been napping in front of the telly after a big lunch (leftover lasagne).  I hear them stirring – time to start the cassoulet.

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4 thoughts on “Lasagne Bolognese; Ragù Bolognese; Busy Times”

  1. Katie,
    I am astonished by two things…
    1) that you call those horses “puppies” 🙂
    2) how absolutely delicious that Ragù Bolognese looks.
    Bon bon bon appetite!

  2. Brassfrog, they’re only 7 months – mere babies…
    Zoomie, Bonnie is such a baby!
    Christine, thanks – it was ;-))

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