Lunch in the village: Concours de Citrouille

I'm exhausted.

We went to the annual fall lunch in the village today.

I would be less tired if I had spent the day stacking firewood, cleaning out the gardens, trimming the trees AND playing with the puppies.

Having partaken of lunch in the village in the past I knew I would not be fit to do a proper post.

Of course, I could have done it this morning, when I was fresh, but….

This morning, my well-behaved puppies who were walking off leash, sitting when told and coming when called decided they'd had enough.

They took off across the muddy, newly-ploughed and planted field for parts unknown.

The more I called the faster and further they ran.

They did, finally, come home.

I was so mired in the mud I almost had to be rescued by helicopter.

I digress…..

I decided to post our lunch.  

The notice for the lunch states at the bottom:

"Merci d'apporter votre couvert complet"

In other words – bring your own dishes…. and glasses, coffee cups, flatware, napkins, etc.

And don't forget that they will be going home with you – dirty.

As people arrive, they stake out their places by setting their places.


First was a Kir (white wine and a citrus liqueur) with little nibbles – chips and biscuits:

 This was followed by Velouté de Citrouille (Pumpkin Soup):

Tureens were put on the table at intervals and we served ourselves.

Pitchers of red wine also appeared up and down the lengths of the three tables.

Following the soup was Assiette Landaise – which is salad of chicken gizards, bacon, tomatoes and lettuce:

The servers walked around with big bowls of extra gizards for any who wanted to top off their plates.

At this point bread was distributed, as well – it's in the sack…. (Best bread I've had, got to find out what bakery they used!)


Then came the 'palate cleanser', Trou Normand – a small bit of apple sorbet with a big dollop of Calvados (Apple Brandy). This was actually served in a little dish….

Did I mention that the red wine was flowing freely?

For the main course we had Bifteck-Frites (Steak with Fries):


They had set-up huge charcoal grills outside for the steaks.

There were people patrolling the aisles with more fries and a few extra steaks.

One cannot forget the Fromage – Salade or cheese course, served with a bit of salad to cleanse the palate again.  One piece of cheese was more than enough!


After the cheese course the workers sold raffle tickets for all the donated stuff – very traditional event at these types of things.  It raises money for the school and the 'leisure society' which was the sponser.

Finally, after the raffle (we didn't win anything) came Dessert – apple pie.


Lunch had started at noon and it was almost 4:30 when the pie was served.

And we still had to have coffee:


With the coffee come the brandies and digestifs:

Can you see why I'm tired?  Oh – that hansdome gent on the right is our maire (mayor).

This all started last night with a pumpkin / winter squash contest.

The winner was the one painted like a rugby ball:


I like the one in front that is a hamburger – on a sesame seed bun….

But my favorite is the Tractor Comestible:


Almost forgot – the cost?  13 euro per person (about 18 dollars). 


That was how I spent my Sunday.

How was yours? 

10 thoughts on “Lunch in the village: Concours de Citrouille”

  1. What a fantastic lunch, and the price was right. I would have asked for 3rds and 4ths on the gizzards. And Trou Normand. I remember the first time we experienced this. WOW!!! Now, to get those puppies back on track.

  2. OMG!
    You had me at the gizzards, AND someone circulating with a dish with more. Oh la!
    And this is the Fall dinner, you say. Do they also hold Spring, Summer and Winter dinners?
    After a meal like that how could you possible not pack on the weight?
    Lucky you. 🙂

  3. Susan, mon mari had seconds on the gizzards, I had enough the first time… As to the puppies….
    Tanna, what can I say – they do like to have a proper Sunday Lunch!
    Ina, sure – we’ll have an extra bedroom soon LOL
    manningroad, they were actually quite good. I’ve had them before and they wee awful, so I was skeptical.
    Val, it was fun – just really long to sit still LOL
    brassfrog, there’s one for mushrooms in the spring and a picnic in summer… Winter is a Quiz Night (also fun)
    Ina, glad you liked the popovers – I’ll check out your gluten-free version
    Sand, no gizzards?!?!?
    Elizabeth, it makes clean-up easy – for them (and not too tough for us) The tractor was great….

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