Pan-Fried Salmon with Warm White Bean Salad; project from hell

The 10 minute project from hell:

It was simple.  

We decided to get some lightweight draperies for the living room windows to give a bit of protection to the furniture / room from the sun.  I hate having the shutters closed all the time, especially in winter when the light is so fleeting anyway.

For the record, if they weren’t needed, either for sun screens or wind blockers, I would not have draperies anywhere.  I see no reason to block our views or our daylight.

(I also won’t have permanent. attached carpets in the house, but that’s another story.)

We needed somthing just under 3 meters in length (10 feet) as the windows are just an inch or so below the ceiling.

We found some at IKEA.

The plan was I would open the package, shake them out, hang them and be done.

When I opened them I found instructions.


For draperies I need instructions?!?!?

I opened them – curious.  They were in 37,000 different languages. (They WERE from IKEA)

Some weird, mesh tape fell out.

And the draperies were not hemmed.

Okay, time to read the instructions.

Turns out the weird tape was iron-on hem tape.

I had to hem the draperies.


I measured.

First problem: of the two packages of two panels each, none were the same length.  I could not take the easy route and measure up from the bottom.

Second problem: there is no place in our house where I can lay out 10 foot panels of sheer white fabric.  We have puppies.  ‘Nuf said.

I determined the length I wanted and pinned one edge.

I compared it to the other edge and pinned that edge.

Then I compared it again and it was off an inch.

I corrected.

I compared it again and I was still off an inch.

I corrected.

I compared it again and it was perfect.

Just for kicks, I compared it one more time and it was off an inch.

Did I mention that it was sheer fabric?

Not to belabor the process – I compared edges of the same panel, edges of separate panels, edges of edges…..

I compared and pinned and compared and ironed and pinned…..

For over two hours I tried to get the hems of the four panels perfectly even and perfectly straight.

Then I decided it wasn’t possible, said to hell with it, cut them off and glued them up.

Mon mari hung them (I couldn’t reach from the small ladder and he had the big one in use.

They were supposed to be an inch off the floor. 

They graze the floor…. In some places but not in others.



Only I will know they are less than perfect.  Everyone else will see them nicely tied to the side.

Now I have yet another reason to never have “window treatments”.

So there!  Thppppptt!!!!!

As the weather cools, we’re seeing both spinach and chard coming into season again. I’m not usually into salads this time of year….. But I’m always into white beans….

Salmon cooks quickly and is done when just barely opaque, and starts to flake easily.

The recipe, Pan-Fried Salmon with White Bean Salad, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Pan-Fried Salmon with White Bean Salad.  

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8 thoughts on “Pan-Fried Salmon with Warm White Bean Salad; project from hell”

  1. I’m with you – the fewer “window treatments” the better. It makes my house guests nervous, however, as they are all used to curtains or shades. Tough.

  2. Whoa, that curtain project sounds way more complicated than it should have been. But this recipe is nice, simple and delicious! I love salmon and the warm bean salad sounds perfect.

  3. Island Vittles – yes, I totally agree…. Got to get mon mari to drill the holes for them now… stone walls and all….
    Ina, not worth it… when they’re done, maybe….
    Zoomie, just more stuff to take care of. I figure if someone wants to stand out here in the middle of nowhere and look in – hope they get a good show LOL
    Carolyn, it was way too complicated…. and frustrating…. And I was way behind schedule. I needed to quit LOL

  4. What a fantastic looking meal, and perfect for a mid week dinner! I am going to try and make this this week – will let you know how it goes 🙂

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