Pimiento and Goat Cheese Strudel, working with phyllo — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve had Spinach Strudels on my list of things to make soon for ages! Hmmm, perhaps I should put an alarm on that tells me to come here on a daily basis until I actually make the thing. I know that once I do make it, I won’t be able to stop…. And spinach is good for us; it cancels out the butter on the strudel, right?
    Ooooh, wait!! That pimiento and goat cheese one looks awfully good too.

  2. Great uses for phyllo, everything looks delicious! The salmon looks so elegant, I’d love to try that first!

  3. Elizabeth, once you get the phyllo, you’ll have plenty of sheets to make both.
    manningroad, I think it says it nicely ;-))
    Faith, the salmon is good, and I like the way the dill shows through the sheets.