Season’s Eatings is back!

Culinary gifts, anyone?

Foodie pressies?

Tasty tokens from somewhere else?

Season's Eatings is a world-wide holiday gift exchange.

Don't miss your chance to spice up your (and someone else's) holiday this year.


If you would like to join the fun, leave a comment.  I'll collect real names and addresses later, by e-mail.

Here are the details:  

Season's Eating's is a spicy/herby/foodie gift exchange to celebrate the Holiday Season.

Like Secret Santa….I put all the names into a virtual hat, and distribute them, with real addresses.

The rules are simple:
Each person sends a small gift- nothing that uses up your savings account or anything- of a local herb, spice, or other food that is unique to or characteristic of where they live, along with a recipe using it, to a fellow foodie.

When you receive your parcel, you can either use your 'gift' in the recipe included, another of your choosing or just snap a photo of your pressie.  Then you do a post about it or send it all to me and I post it.

I do a recap of all the fun, with the photos, between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Ready to get the holiday season started?  Let me know if you want to play.
The fine print:
We had a few sad foodies last year…. They happily sent their gift off but didn't receive one in return.  (They assured me they had 'been good'.) 
So…..Please sign up and join the fun – but only if you're able to follow through.
Please let me know in the next few days so we can get started.
You know you want to play……

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