Bonnie, the Bunny Slayer takes over as Speed Queen — 6 Comments

  1. I have decided that dogs aren’t ignoring you when they are chasing – they literally can’t hear you. Something takes over their ears and they become deaf. At least that’s my observation when Cora is chasing the neighbor’s cat… She always comes back as soon as the cat gets away and she’s not looking embarrassed as she does when she knows she has done wrong. She just doesn’t hear me calling when the call of the wild is upon her. So, I praise her through gritted teeth when she comes back.

  2. They go absolutely deaf. My mutt can be snoring one floor away and hear a single small kibble dropped on the floor. But can she hear me calling her from 10 feet away when there is a squirrel to be chased?

  3. Katie,
    As soon as you said, “Mon mari took them for a walk the other day” I knew trouble was coming. LMAO as I read what what (was inevitable) was playing out.
    Such beautiful babies, even if they are approaching Shetland pony size. 🙂
    Thanks for getting my day off to a bright start.

  4. Zoomie, I bought a dog whistle. I was losing my voice trying to be heard and I know it was to no avail.
    Karen, deaf and stupid, both! But fast, really, really fast.
    manningroad, so why do the experts say it can be done (I wonder) I don’t think a beef roast would tempt them from the bunny chase – let alone me and a handful of kibble.
    Brassfrog, I’m still not sure who is harder to train. Maybe I should try training the hubs with Christmas cookies….

  5. It always seems to be nice to chase rabbits. We had also problems once when our Lucy went after some rabbits. Took us a while to get her back.
    Nice dog, though!