Bonnie’s a bad baby

Bonnie's been getting all the headlines lately.

That's because Guapa is a good girl and Bonnie is a bad baby.

We all know that bad gets lots more attention than good.

A wee digression…..

For any of you who remember George Carlin he once did a hilarious bit on 'shit'…. Not the substance, the word.  Keep that in mind….

Our normal day starts off with the puppies barking in answer to the farm dogs who usually start barking around 6am. 

I don't get up in the dark.  

In summer I'm happily up and about with the sun, which, in June, is around 6:30.

This time of year it's still full dark at 8:00.

I don't get up in the dark.

There's no reason to and every reason not to.

I can't take the puppies for a walk – it's dark.

I can't do the daily shit clean-up in the front garden – it's dark.

I can't have breakfast – the puppies bug the shit out of me because they haven't been walked yet.

I can't work on my computer – the puppies bug the shit out of me because they haven't spent anytime outside to, um, pee and shit.

I can't let them outside because they bark back at the farm dogs, who then bark more loudly and mine bark more loudly…. And it's dark; our neighbors are still sleeping.

So, the routine is this: If I hear them bark (they're getting smarter and don't always bark) I get up, let them out for a quick pee, then put them in their little room, give them a few toys, close the door and go back to bed.

They have had the run of the main floor at night for the past 3 months, with no problems (so far).  They like that freedom and don't really want to go back in their little room.

But they do, reluctantly.

Bonnie demonstrated her displeasure the other morning.

When I opened the door, just before 8:30 (the sun was just coming up and we could go for our walk) this is what I found:


This had been a rather large dog bed…. a foam pad covered by a soft, blue fabric.  It was big enough that they could curl up together on it.  I left it in their room as the floor is quite cold.

I know it was Bonnie because she had started working on the zipper a few days earlier.

I know it was Bonnie because I know Bonnie.

The pink circles show two of their favorite toys.  The pink arrows point to two more.

Note that all toys are tucked out of the way of their fun.

They were only in the room for 45 minutes.

I should have known something was up when they quieted down right away…..

Now they don't have a dog bed for those cold mornings – there's no heat in that room, either.

Tough Shit! 

5 thoughts on “Bonnie’s a bad baby”

  1. Duffy ate (de-stuffed) a dog bed, all my lawn furniture cushions, the clic-clac padded couch cover and shredded several towels and sheets used to cover the now naked clic-clac before she finally got used to being alone in our sun-room, waiting for us to get up in the morning.
    She stopped.
    Thank God.

  2. They must have had a splendid tug-of-war over that bed to demolish it so fast! I can laugh, but that’s because I didn’t have to clean up the mess.

  3. I have had dogs eat their beds over time and even recently 2 dogs ate a feather cushion one morning here in this house. I was not the one who made the discovery and it was cleaned up before I saw the destruction as it was reasonably new and those in the know like to avoid my wrath !!!!

  4. Thanks, Meredith…. You had me worried until you said she stopped…. Whew!!!
    Val, it’s easier to smile from a distance….. I hope….
    Zoomie, I’m quite sure they had a wonderful time – just as I’m sure Bonnie started it!
    manningroad, I’ve had the occasional destruction with the other dogs, but never this thorough!

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