Bonnie’s a bad baby — 5 Comments

  1. Duffy ate (de-stuffed) a dog bed, all my lawn furniture cushions, the clic-clac padded couch cover and shredded several towels and sheets used to cover the now naked clic-clac before she finally got used to being alone in our sun-room, waiting for us to get up in the morning.
    She stopped.
    Thank God.

  2. They must have had a splendid tug-of-war over that bed to demolish it so fast! I can laugh, but that’s because I didn’t have to clean up the mess.

  3. I have had dogs eat their beds over time and even recently 2 dogs ate a feather cushion one morning here in this house. I was not the one who made the discovery and it was cleaned up before I saw the destruction as it was reasonably new and those in the know like to avoid my wrath !!!!

  4. Thanks, Meredith…. You had me worried until you said she stopped…. Whew!!!
    Val, it’s easier to smile from a distance….. I hope….
    Zoomie, I’m quite sure they had a wonderful time – just as I’m sure Bonnie started it!
    manningroad, I’ve had the occasional destruction with the other dogs, but never this thorough!