Braised Veal with Olives and Capers — 7 Comments

  1. For as easy as computers are these days, compared to what it used to take to set up a new computer, there are still things that go wrong, or just stupid things (like Photoshop — I’ve had to get new serial numbers from Adobe countless times). But mostly it should be better and faster than what you had, and once you and the new computer have made peace, it will be great. I hope!

  2. Whew! So glad things are up and running now, both the blankety-blank computer and the blankety-blank chandelier! Can’t wait to hear about the puppies.

  3. Val, comfort food is always in order in winter!
    manningroad, I just stay out of the way.
    Lydia, in some ways it was easier when they weren’t so ‘user friendly’… but can’t imagine it now.
    Brassfrog, you passed.
    Zoomie, bad puppies…..
    Merry Little Christmas, Greg!