Christmas cookies are better than computers — 12 Comments

  1. Oh gosh I feel your pain! Computer problems are so frustrating. Cookie baking is so much nicer, especially peanut bitter oatmeal- yum!

  2. Thank Goodness your cookies turned out! (I do hope you get the computer working soon. Have you considered giving it some cookies? Maybe that will do the trick – sort of along the lines of “the road to a computer’s heart is through cookies” – or something like that anyway….)

  3. You are so generous with your blog you do not deserve computer problems! Sorry for the awfulness and thank you for the cookies.

  4. Katie – ohhh how I hear your frustration! Maddening to say the least. I would be a lost soul, thank the heavens my dh is a computer programer – I would not know where to begin!

  5. So glad you’re back online. Hawaii was seeming farther away than it really is.

  6. Cookies are the only answer here !! I admire you for soldiering on and being able to get a few things up and running. I can’t imagine how I would manage in your situation – probably just eat my body weight in comfort food !!

  7. Cookies are definitely better than computers! But I don’t think we could live without either!

  8. Ugh – I feel your pain with your PC problems. Sometimes I think they create more work then the “old fashioned days”. BTW, I love the ginger chocolate chip recipe. Do you think if I added some freshly grated ginger instead of the powder it would alter your recipe? I tend to always have fresh ginger in the house.

  9. Zoomies, cookies with chocolate, of course.
    Tanna, I have no patience with either when they don’t!
    Jayne, cookie baking is always good – I limit myself to Christmas tho, I eat too many.
    Carina, cookies are helping immensely
    Elizabeth, I tried, but the puppies got them first. They love it when I’m under the desk at their level
    Linda, thank you – good cookies!
    Ina, I wear that hat in this house…. so I get twice the fun!
    Phoenicia, everything seemed fat away… and lonely xo
    manningroad, cookies are always a good answer (if not the only one)
    Linderhof, I think you have a point there LOL
    Anna, fresh would be wonderful… I do still have my abacus, but tweeting on that is a challenge.