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  1. Yes, did wonder where you were and the Monday Update. It is Wednesday on this side of the Pond. Sorry it died; must mean a better one will replace it. Phoenicia

  2. Yes, you’re missed! But glad to hear you’ll be back soon on your shiny new PC, and glad you’ve got holiday chocolate around to help you through the wait.

  3. Chocolate … thank heaven for chocolate … I could use some too …
    I do understand it’s oh so much happier to be getting a planned for new computer and not one under duress! Yes, I do; my story was I just abandoned mine on the security bench at the Seattle airport … no nobody ever found it …

  4. Hello. I’m here. Yes.
    So happy you’re going to get a spiffy new computer, the better to post more!

  5. Katie: Chocolate is definitely the way to go! I worry that my laptop may be headed in the same direction…it sure has been making strange noises lately! Trying to ignore it and fingers are crossed it does not blow up too! 🙂

  6. Augghhhhh!!! How awful for you! I do hope the data can be retrieved! There are some amazing computer geeks out there who can retrieve just about anything. (But how clever of you to have everything backed up.)

  7. Pam, chocolate makes everything better…
    Phoenicia, it was a sad, sad day…. Not to mention really p***ing me off!
    Judi, it would be more fun if it was truly new and not just a replacement. Chocolate works, though…. Truffles!
    Tanna, that’s a silly place to leave your computer….
    Zoomie, I wish…. the old one wasn’t that old.
    TikiPundit, one starts feeling very alone.
    manningroad, it hasn’t been easy – puppies try to help.
    Ina, I hate it when the computer makes noise. Should be very, very quiet…
    Val, now THAT is exciting….. Merry Christmas!
    Cooking Rookie, it is amazing the soothing power chocolate has….
    Elizabeth, data is safe; sanity not so much….
    jubilada, thanks….. makes we feel better….