Best Mustard Sauce – for Baked Ham — 14 Comments

  1. Happy Holidays, Katie and Mon Mari! We send love to you from California and we thank you for another year of fun stories and good recipes!

  2. Ummmm! Even though we’re having prime rib for Christmas dinner, I would love ham too. This mustard sauce sounds divine. Here’s wishing you a great Holiday time!

  3. Zoomie, thank you so much – best of the year to you and yours!
    Tanna, try it – you may like it… LOL
    Pam, thanks – I want your beef!
    Ina, it is a really good sauce…
    Thanks, Curt.
    Judi, you are so welcome. I’ve been eating it since I was 10….

  4. This sounds great – much like a mustard sauce I use with Corned Beef and Cabbage – but that sauce is made using whipping cream and horseradish. Will give this pretty yellow one a try for Easter.

  5. I tried this – and liked it (my younger son actually did all the stirring). Ours was not as yellow – had more of a condensed milk carmel color, but the sauce did have some thickness to it. I thought it really enhanced the ham – not too harsh, nice and mellow. My son, always the critic, thought it had a little grittiness to it, not sure how that could happen (we made sure to mix in the mustard powder). Thank you!

    • I don’t know why it would be gritty…. maybe your mustard powder wasn’t fresh? Or your son’s stirring ability not up to the task (just kidding)? I’m glad you liked it. It’s still our family favorite! Thanks for commenting.

  6. This is excellent! Made it for Thanksgiving yesterday just because. We always eat our ham plain but I wanted to add something but didn’t want to cook it with a glaze. I used my Vitamix blender because it cooks as well and I hate stirring over a double boiler. Everyone loved it and I will make this again.

    • Oohhh. Now I want a Vitamix! I didn’t realize they cook, too! I just saw them on sale the other day…. Must go back.
      Glad you liked it – and Happy Belated Thanksgiving!