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Shrimp Creole, the fine art of wasting time — 8 Comments

  1. I like to read – and not “improving” books, just light trash with a guaranteed happy ending. I also consider the little time I spend on Facebook to be wasting time. Also, we have great sunsets here in California and Hawaii – I will often stop just to watch the whole thing, doing nothing else but admiring.

  2. I do try not to waste time – if I do sit it is a deliberate relaxing time and only shortlived. I actually long to have enough time to allow some time wasting. I may read one page of a novel before I fall asleep but the TV is virtually never turned on. I do spend a lot of time on the computer but I run a part time time Ebay business. Is blogging considered time wasting – let us all hope not, I consider it educational and social and that can only be a rewarding use of time, never a waste.

  3. Pam, I read on my exercise bike ;-))
    Thanks, Tom… (links don’t work in my comments)
    Zoomie, I read trash on my bike…. – I do love games and puzzles, though.
    manningroad, I ‘work’ from when I get up (7:00) to when I go to bed (12:00) other than my 90 minutes tv time and my 45 min. exercise time…. and the odd 5 minutes here and there for ‘time-wasting solitaire on the computer LOL Yes, I could surely use more time!

  4. I think finding a way to relax by doing things that “waste time” are necessary in life. We can’t be “working” all the time! =)
    This creole looks super delicious too!

  5. Baking is me time. I don’t need to do it but it is important. I love anything with shrimp in it. Having some for dinner makes a meal seem a bit more special than the average chicken. Great dish!

  6. Peggy, absolutely right! And I enjoy every second of it…
    Emily, baking is good – it’s the eating it after that causes me problems (she says as she eats yet another Christmas cookie)