Smoked Salmon Bites — 13 Comments

  1. It all sounds absolutely yummy! And the hors d’oeuvres look fantastic! I really like the idea of the cutout polenta. How novel.
    Happy new year!

  2. Very nice treats! I have a question. I would think that deviled eggs is something not normally eaten or even recognized by the French. Am I wrong? I know all Americans love them.

  3. Nice ones Katie!! We still have some smoked salmon in the fridge, not even leftovers but forgotten and forlorn… I think they need filo and puff pastry!

  4. How I wish I had some smoked salmon right now, your appetizers look delicious! I will need to get some for the upcoming New Years celebration. Glad I saw this post. Thanks for the tasty suggestions.

  5. Love the look and idea of the puff pastry cutouts. Marscapone is hard to find in Hawaii. Will make some when I try this. Next year though, the diet has already begun. Polenta things very clever.

  6. I love the salmon with polenta appetiser, it’s a bit different from the traditional puff pastry or oatcakes, and sounds wonderful. What an amazing idea 🙂

  7. Tanna, is was nice – and a nice way to do it. Happy New Year!
    Thanks, Chuck. Fun to use the cookie cutters for something. Happy New Year!
    Susan, you’re right, they aren’t at all French. We were with Brit’s, though – of course, they’re not very British, either. Weird American 😉
    chefblogdigest, thanks!
    Lydia, glad you liked them – best part is they’re all easy!
    Curt, we love them, too – problem is they’re too moorish… I could eat a dozen myself LOL
    Baking Soda…. You forgot smoked salmon?!?!?!?
    Tina, you are most welcome – hope the celebration was wonderful!
    Phoenicia, yes, the diet thing has begun here, as well – at lease, for one of us…. You could use cream cheese – I know you have that….
    Lauren, it was good with the polenta…. a few olives in it was nice.
    Alexander, thanks… and easy, don’t forget that.
    manningroad, thanks – Happy New Year!