Beef Tips with Mushrooms and Shallots; the update — 11 Comments

  1. Katie, your home looks lovely and it is very livable. It all takes time. While you are on the subject of beef, I have a question for you. Having lived in Germany and visited Europe quite a few times, we are always amazed at the strange way meat is cut. It seems to go with the grain instead of against the grain. Are we seeing something that is not there? We have always thought because US butchers cut the beef differently, it is more tender. Can you answer this question? Thanks. Susan

  2. The rooms are looking good! Your hard work is indeed paying off! This dish sounds delicious…beef and mushrooms, yummy!

  3. What seems like slow progress to you looks miraculous to me! Progress on all fronts and it’s becoming more and more lovely each update. It’s clear that you have your passion for cooking, puppy raising and writing while he has his passion for fixing and finishing. Nice division of labor.

  4. Susan,I’ve noticed that as well – and it is tougher. Why they do it I have no idea. I still have a hard time determining what cut is what LOL
    Thanks, Joey, on both counts….
    Ina, slowly but surely we’re getting it done….. I love cooking with sherry.
    Gary, should be done in a few weeks – let me know what day….
    Zoomie, Some days I think we should switch for awhile – and I think he feels that way too LOL
    manningroad, you are most welcome – come visit!

  5. What you’ve accomplished so far is stunning! When the entire house is finished, are you going to submit the process to a home decorating/design magazine? Might be something to think about…

  6. Christine, thank you so much. We actually had a TV show express interest – then they realized we weren’t ’20 somethings’ and passed LOL
    Emily, thanks – I love my bathroom. It’s warm.

  7. WOW! the house is really looking good. I know I ave been MIA for a while but in a way it is nice because then there as a big reveal of the house when I am gone so long. I hope all is well with you ( I am sure I will find out soon as I read more). We are getting snow for the first time in this area of the midwest (Michigan) which makes me dream of traveling. oh yes and we are planning out next big trip, Paris.
    well here I am going on and on, I better get reading.