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Butternut Squash and Polenta Gratin — 5 Comments

  1. Katie,
    Lately I’ve been making curried butternut(with extra cinnamon) and it has been very well received. But I’m looking for something new and different to do with my stores of squash.
    This is perfect!
    Sounds delicious; can’t wait to make it. Thanks!

  2. I’ve never actually had polenta. The joys of living in boonieland. I must try it. This dish makes me want to change my non polenta ways.

  3. Six hours!! That’s insane. Your version does not sound insane. It sounds wonderful. Sage, walnuts and butternut squash are so fabulous together, aren’t they?
    These stuffed mushrooms take virtually no time (if you already have some cooked squash lying around) to make and they’re very very very good.
    But my favourite way of preparing butternut squash is in soup using a slightly revised ancient Gourmet recipe – onions, garlic and fresh ginger sauteed in olive oile then add chicken stock and cubed squash and cook til squash is tender. Puree. Add a splash of lime juice. Fry some fresh ginger cut into match sticks in olive oil til golden and crisp. Garnish each soup bowl with a lime slice and golden ginger pieces. I LOVE this soup. (It’s especially good with cheese baking powder biscuits)

  4. Chuck, extra cinnamon – oh, that sounds delicious…. Let’s swap!
    Kim, polenta is a great addition to the pantry…. if you can get it 😉
    Elizabeth, I thought it was insane… but your soup sounds delicious – I’ll be over. And cheese biscuits – yum!
    Val, comfort food should be easy to make, too!