Chicken Noodle Soup; Diets – the one that works. — 15 Comments

  1. Perfect, Katie, perfect. You are spot on. Let’s hope all of us will be a little more conscious of what we are eating this new year. And, the soup looks great.

  2. I have 2 pounds to lose by March. I have just started to increase my exercise and try to cut back on the food I have been indulging in too much. Bread, cheese, cake. Cutting out or at least back on these 3 things and replacing them with 0% fat fromage frais and more fresh fruit always works. And chicken soup! Great idea and I love it! Happy & Healthy New Year!

  3. Chicken soup is my all time favorite!! All good tips to keep fit and healthy in 2012. I agree it is food and exercise.

  4. Susan, that’s the key – to be conscious LOL
    manningroad – I need a trainer. Puppies don’t count.
    Val – to a healthy 2012!!!
    Jamie, fresh fruit is what I try for. I’ve been very bad – up 3 over the holidays…. time to get rid of it.
    Thanks, Greg!
    Lydia, I could live on it…. Mon mari only occasionally. Fortunately, he makes his own lunch….
    foodwanderings, chicken soup is always good – as is exercise. Chicken soup is easier!

  5. Your soup looks delicious! I love soup in the winter time. I always feel like I am eating a lot too with all of the liquid. I love all of your hints and tips – they are all so true!

  6. All of those people selling January diet plans are NOT going to thank you for this post, Katie!
    Mmmmm, chicken noodle soup! Yes, please.

  7. Linda, thanks – I need to remind myself, as well LOL
    Emily, I love soup, too… especially when it’s cold out!
    Elizabeth, oh, everyone will still buy the books…. My way requires paying attention LOL
    Jayne, thanks – on both fronts 😉

  8. Delicious with chicken thighs, added thyme, bay leaf, and several carrots.