Goulash Soup; tripping down the primrose path — 11 Comments

  1. Yes vocab can make life amusing !! When my daughter was working in the snowfields in Japan with small children she would ask them to put their arms in the air so she could take their ski vests off – this was met with total blankness every day till she became aware that she was asking them to put their arms out to be handcuffed !!!!!

  2. I think French and Swahili are two of the most beautiful languages. I regret not keeping up with the former and fondly remember the rhythmic and musical cadences of the latter.

  3. Jayne, I was so embarrassed when I finally realized what I was saying.
    Dan, always glad to entertain…..
    manningroad, I do wonder what other things I am saying….
    Gary, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard Swahili…. But I agree about French (just not out of my mouth)
    Val, somewhat…. I’m glad I can now call them dogs….

  4. Long time lurker, first time poster 🙂 I’ve made so many of your recipes and think they’re great!
    I had to comment on “J’essaie” vs. “Je sais” though–hilarious! Maybe a better alternative would be “Merci, je fais mon mieux”?

  5. Rachel, thanks – much better (and safer) phrase. It took a look of total surprise on someone’s face before I realized the problem… I explained, of course.
    They laughed (I think). Thank you for your kind words.