Mud puppies

The weather has been, ahem, less than perfect.

But the puppies don't seem to mind.  They still want to be outside, playing.

Did I mention that they're self-cleaning?

They lay down filthy and stand-up clean (after a long nap), leaving behind a pile of dirt for you know who to sweep up.

They're still best friends….

Now, if I can only figure out how to clean the wall Bonnie likes to lean against (behind Guapa) and then, how to keep it clean.

Wait for summer seems the best idea at the moment.

But I'm not complaining about the weather…. Not me. I wouldn't do that.

8 thoughts on “Mud puppies”

  1. Val, in theory it’s good… Sweeping is easier than brushing or bathing.
    Zoomie, I hope not – I can’t figure anything out. I check it – I remain clueless.
    Tanna, or scrub walls… or ignore…
    manningroad, always good to know they can serve as bad examples LOL
    Magic, I’ll tell them you said that 😉

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