Pasta with Butternut Squash Sauce; but not Mac and Cheese — 10 Comments

  1. If you wait a month every recipe that is in the magazine will be on their website. It is lovely to have magazine in hand but when it is sometimes unattainable we do the next best thing.

  2. Now THIS is the kind of recipe that would prompt me to change my idea that “cooking light” means “cooking taste-free”! (I will probably use 2% milk as a concession to them….)

  3. I have around 30 butternut squash in my garage and, much as I love butternut squash soup, I’m looking forward to trying your recipe. Thanks!

  4. This sounds wonderful…I make a very similar dish too! Plus you get all the healthy benefits of the squash – a great combination!

  5. I keep leaving comments that don’t “stick.” I’m out here reading and enjoying, just having trouble posting comments.

  6. I gave up on Cooking Light, because they couldn’t seem to send me renewal notices, either. Don’t know what that’s all about. I like their recipes, but only buy the magazine a couple of times a year now.

  7. Magic, it was a good sauce – just not a cheese sauce…
    Kelly, thanks. 😉
    Val, but I like reading them on road trips LOL
    Elizabeth, I think my milk is 2% – or close. I have a choice of ‘cream’ or ‘half cream’ and I get the half cream. Kind of like when I was growing up and mu mother took half the cream off the top to use in her coffee.
    Kerry, you totally understand my search for new squash ideas! I only have 10 left LOL
    Ina, could be a sneaky way of getting in some veg…
    Zoomie, I keep looking but I’m baffled – although I’ve run into similar on a different blog.
    Peggy, thanks – on all counts!
    Lydia, I’m about ready to give up… And, to be honest, I find myself using fewer and fewer recipes… to much fake food.