Potatoes Lyonaise, In the style of — 9 Comments

  1. Always wanting to learn something new about the French. That uncommon list was….well, uncommon. Thanks for sharing. And potatoes Lyonaise…well, is there anything better? Actually, lots of French food would be considered a little better, but I do love them exceptionally. Susan

  2. Susan, I’ve made a habit of memorizing things I don’t want to eat LOL
    Val, they are really good 😉
    Zoomie, I’ve seen them on lots of US menus – and German menus and Spanish menus…. same name, different language…

  3. Excellent cheat-sheet!! The Toulousaine one is new to me… coxcombs?? And it’s a little surprising that ‘Lyonnaise’ indicates onions instead of offal.
    But speaking of Potatoes Lyonnaise, I WANT some of those now!! They look delicious.

  4. A lot of those terms are commonplace here in Australia on menus especially in fine dining establishments but I have never come across ‘toulousaine’ and I would perhaps not choose it !!!!!

  5. Elizabeth, I can actually buy jars of coxcombs…. not Meyer lemons, mind you, but coxcombs….
    manningroad, it’s important to know what NOT to order….
    Italian Notes, thanks 😉

  6. I love France…. And do you buy jars of coxcombs, Katie? Do they taste like anything or are they just for adding texture and …ermmm… colour?