Red Cabbage Redux; the update — 6 Comments

  1. My strategy to get out of doing chores when I was younger was to be less than proficient at them so my mom would just do it herself. I see you approve of these tactics 😛
    I’ve never seen red cabbage prepared this way! Sounds delicious.

  2. Katie – this looks delicious, I must try this recipe. We usually make a red cabbage – very similar and serve as a side dish with sausages. Or we make pickled red cabbage which is delicious too! I love the beams and the ceiling – gorgeous!

  3. Katie, I like your style, you rule! Your cabbage recipe sounds great, looks delicious! Yes, I just recently did that—cooked a garlic grits dish I often make; it just wasn’t right and I had no idea why.

  4. Joanne, and excellent strategy that works well all through life!
    Ina, I don’t know what happened to this batch – just wasn’t right. But this fixed it.
    Peggy, I’ll pass on the kind words…. Thanks
    Italian Notes, it was a first. Trying to conserve on dishes ;-))
    Pam, why does that happen?!?!? We should have it down pat!