Risotto with Meatballs, Flamed! — 14 Comments

  1. Yes I w ould agree it’s an overreaction. Some people just can’t help being negative. Don’t let it get you down. You have a wonderful blog, evidenced by this comforting recipe.

  2. You’d think they would see by all your favorable comments that you really love France. Shame on them – flaming is not nice.

  3. And here I thought only American reactionaries responded to criticism of their country with the “take the next flight abroad” response. I would have expected you’d get more hate mail from mixing meatballs with risotto!

  4. ciachowlinda, complaining about the weather is sacrosanct! (I think) Thanks….
    Zoomie, see, it happens so rarely I didn’t even know the right word LOL
    Dan, and cheese with fish. I’m always amazed that the food / blog police don’t come after me for that one. And, for the record, meatballs can go in anything!

  5. I know weather can get us all down – here I sit in our mid summer in a puffer jacket – I am yearning for Spain too !! And now I am yearning for risotto and meatballs as well !!

  6. Didn’t you read the handout on arrival that as an expat you have to be deliriously happy all the time with your adopted country or you must immediately return to your former country?

  7. I’ve noticed a real increase in negative and just plain unpleasant comments lately. I think it’s the winter malaise setting in. Or maybe it’s just that there are too many unhappy people with too much time on their hands. Let them eat meatballs! (And delete those comments….)

  8. I’ll bet people born and raised in France can complain about the weather as often as they want. Or in any country for that matter. Just as I do in the US, and my son-in-law does in England. Funny how that works. Or should I say, doesn’t work.
    Awesome recipe BTW!

  9. Katie – this meal looks wonderful! As for the negative nay-sayers – it seems there are certainly a lot of them out there! I recently read a blog on the success of one woman (whose blog is doing really well) that was so negative I could not believe what I was reading. Won’t go back there again. It seems some people are not happy unless they are slandering other people with their negativity! Rotten apples to them!

  10. One dish I am yet to perfect i s risotfto. Was probabably a bad idea to start off with whole rice grain. Was quite the challenge.

  11. Nasty comments used to come to my blog A LOT. But most of the haters have subsided. I say laugh and move on. Or in your case stay (in France) on. GREG

  12. Everyone has the right to complain about the weather! LOL It’s practically a national sport here anyway (and my elderly neighbor has got to be the champion) 🙂 As for the recipe–I’ve got it on my to-do list already and I can’t stop salivating just looking at the photo!

  13. This looks really good. Don’t worry about some goofball giving you a hard time. I had somebody bash me recently on my weight loss blog. I was so stunned. Apparently some people don’t appreciate a sense of humour about things. Go figure.

  14. manningroad, summer cold is much worse. One expects (or should) winter cold. Hope it improves soon.
    Judith, I did read it…. but I thought there was a ‘bad weather clause’ Apparently I was mistaken LOL
    Lydia, maybe that’s what it is…. General Global Grumpiness!
    Curt, I avoid religion and politics…. but weather?!?
    Ina, some people do love to complain…. As I do LOL
    foodwanderings, you really have to have the right rice. Just doesn’t work without it. Try again 0 you’ll be glad you did…
    sippitysup, I guess I’ve been lucky – or ignored, one of the two….
    Erin, I’ve always thought it was fair game. My neighbors are pretty good at it too.
    Kim, some people are only happy being mean – and it’s amazing how many people don’t get subtle (or ironic) humor.