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Savory Pea and Ham Clafoutis — 8 Comments

  1. Wow! I love this recipe and I want all those little books! Do you know if there is a website one may wander through without paying for a plane ticket? Happy New Year, Katie!
    And, PS – If the husband strays from the cart, you are not responsible for what you may put into it. Just sayin’.

  2. Looks terrific. I’ve been eyeing those cocottes in the store but hadn’t quite talked myself into them until I read this post… 😉

  3. I love Clafoutis. I can’t say I’ve ever eaten one, But it’s one of my favorite words to work into a conversation. It makes me seem so much more continental and culinary than I truly am. This post may be the push I need to actually make one and find out if all the love I’ve been lavishing on them all these years is true. Thanks! GG

  4. oh my… I love the idea of using the little pots… they always make food look so appealing… and these clafoutis (in italian I will call them “sformati”) really look delicious.

  5. I have never really thought about making anything other than sweet clafoutis (like cherry or raspberry) but it sounds wonderful. Yum!

  6. Betty, I didn’t used to, now I keep a bag in the freezer for when I run out of other veg…. So I don’t have to leave the house on cold days LOL
    Christine, I agree – if he’s off wandering I have to do something to entertain myself. I love these little books.
    Zoomie, I love mine – but they’re not the expensive ones…. I got them for 3 euros each LOL
    TV, it IS as much fun telling someone I’m making it as it is in the actual eating. Clafoutis is a great word – said the American way, with the accent on the middle syllable. (French don’t emphasize any syllables.)
    Baker Street, come on over!
    My Italian.. I love them – they’re so cute! and mon mari does the dishes, sooooo
    Lauren, I hadn’t – until I realized that if you don’t put the sugar in, sweet clafoutis batter is just yorkshire pudding….