Spicy, Savory Chicken Thighs; the dust from HELL — 12 Comments

  1. Well, my parent once sanded the floors, then followed with stain and polyurethane or some such shellac-like product. The house was like a toxic dump. When the area rugs were slapped down, it all seemed hardly worth it.
    That spicy sauce looks really delicious, better than the typical BBQ glaze. I like cumin a lot.

  2. So the one TB of “floor”….just wondering since I’m not sanding any Sheetrock this week, could I sub “flour” instead?

  3. Cranberries still look pretty fresh here…but that’s probably because they’re being driven for four hours from Massachusetts to NYC and not from another country.
    I love the sound of hte sauce on that chicken! Super delicious.

  4. Hmmm, now, no matter how badly our house may need it, we are never ever redoing the Sheetrock. You have traumatized me 😛
    The chicken sounds fantastic! I do so love spicy foods!

  5. Susan, it will be weeks before the dust settles…. so to speak.
    Pam, and then some…
    manningroad, sanding anything is horrid.
    Tina, well, it won’t have the same consistency, but…. (I changed it, thanks – you can tell where my mind is)
    Joanne, and ours come from Canada on top of it all. Didn’t know they grew that far north….
    Greg, ’nuff said.
    Janet, don’t. Through on some wall paper. Do not mess with the sheetrock.
    Rumana, thanks!