Venison Filet Mignon; are you tired? — 7 Comments

  1. I know what you mean about the tired…..I think it has to do with aging. sigh I need to ask about the venison. Obviously what you are eating in France is not the Wisconsin white-tailed deer we are used to. Is there a great difference? I know when we have eaten venison in Europe, it is milder tasting. This tenderloin that you bought….was this a wild deer? Thanks for the info. I am always curious. Susan

  2. Susan, they look like the same, white-tailed deer but I’m not an expert. They’re wild, but on a farm, in a large, fenced woods. They’re hunted, then butchered and the meat sold. My nephew hunts lots in Wisconsin, and used to give us a deer most years. I think they taste about the same 😉

  3. I love the supermarket shop but loathe the putting away bit. I find boredom very tiring and try to avoid it at all times. Isn’t there a saying that the less you do, the less you want to do. I hope that is never me !!

  4. You might try a Vitamin B complex if not already part of your daily regimen. It seems to supply whatever it is that keeps those nerve synapses firing. as we start to age.

  5. It makes me tired knowing that you can meander over to the neighbouring venison farm while I can’t remember the last time I had venison and that here I’d have to bicycle for hours and hours to find venison … if it were even findable.
    Your Venison Filet Mignon sounds wonderful.

  6. Greg, a long walk is always good for the brain – not bad to work off the food, either….
    manningroad, boredom puts me to sleep, makes me more bored, more tired… vicious circle. Exercise is the only cure ;-)) I hate putting it all away….
    Pam, exercise works best 😉
    Elizabeth, what can I say – sometimes we get the good stuff LOL (I don’t have any Asian markets)