Bad Bonnie, Good Guapa, Frustrated Human

Good Guapa

When Guapa went on her big dog walk 2 weeks ago, she was pretty well-behaved.  She ran after some deer, and chased a rabbit or two, but when I called her, she came running.

Of course, me having a pocket full of kibble might have something to do with it.  She's always starving.

Whatever works, works.


Bad Bonnie.

When Bonnie went on her big dog walk last week she was a bad, bad, bad puppy.

She crawled under barb wire fences to get to the cows (Bad Bonnie) and wouldn't come back.  Whenever I called her she ran faster, further away.

When cars or tractors came up the road, she ran ahead, rather than back to me, making them stop until I could catch her.

I always had to catch her…. She never came when I called.  I had to put the leash on her whenever we walked past houses or other dogs or interesting looking fields

She didn't listen; she totally ignored me….

She's not going on another big dog walk until she's 8. (She'll be 1 next month.)


Frustrated Human

Note how the puppies are now as tall as the fence…. Well, the actual fence, anyway.

I've known for awhile that they could probably jump the fence.

They figured it out, too…. During the snow.

The bunnies, you see are brown.

During the normal winter, they are fairly invisible, blending into the dead weeds. 

During the snow they were little brown, running dots on a field of white.

The temptation was simply too much.

I have to admit, the pups looked extraordinarily graceful as they went sailing over the fence.



Since we really don't have the time right now to rip out the old fence and install a new one, I did the only thing I could think of….

I tied my tomato stakes to the old fence and strung twine to extend it upwards.  I do realize they could rip it down if they chose to.

I'm hoping they don't figure that out.

I'm hoping that it's enough of a visual deterrent that I can, once again, let them outside into our fenced in front garden without me and leashes in constant attendance.

I also had to do some repair to the protective fence we put around the the small hedge…. That they decided to use as a trampoline earlier this winter.


Remeber when they used to be only this big?



6 thoughts on “Bad Bonnie, Good Guapa, Frustrated Human”

  1. Bonnie and Guapa sound like my Cora, depending on the day. Sometimes, she comes running back, other times she completely ignores my call. Go figure.

  2. manningroad, thanks – on both counts…
    Tanna, exactly….
    Zoomie,I keep telling myself they’re still puppies…
    Phoenicia, but they’re so big!!!! I forget they’re still babies – well teenagers, which is far worse.LOL
    Gail, that’s it in a nutshell!

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