Egg Rolls

We've (I'm allowed to help, briefly, when absolutely necessary) been hanging wall paper.

I was forced to allowed to pick it out a few weeks ago.

Now comes the moment of truth – do we like it….

We do.

We did one wall in white.  Eventually it will be covered in bookcases and I will be able to (finally) unpack all of my books.

We did the long wall in kind of a tan suede type


I actually was making an effort – trying to tie the black, tan and silver colors of the guest bathroom to the hall and guest bedroom.



I'm probably the only one that will really notice….


On the wall over the stairs we're using a tan paper with silver flowers – to match the silver trees in the bedroom.


I thought you might like to see the work area used to hang the paper on that wall – scaffolding straddling the stairs, kerosene heater on the floor….

Someday we're going to have a railing around that opening.


Have you ever heard of Brick or Fueilles de Brick or Brik?

I hadn't until the other night, watching a British travel / cooking show on Tunisia.

I've always seen it in the case along with the phyllo, puff pastry and pizza dough.

I even bought it once. When I opened it I thought they looked like crepes, but were too thin.

I had no clue what to do with it.

After watching the cooking show, I decided to experiment again.

This is my third experiment….. Egg Rolls.

The texture is slightly different than phyllo, but they are almost as thin and much easier to work with. 

We were most pleased.

Egg Rolls
Egg Rolls

4 sheets of Brick (or phyllo)
1 medium – large carrot
1 – 2 ribs celery
3 green onions
2oz (60gr) mushrooms
2 tsp soy sauce
1/4 tsp powdered ginger
1 tsp sesame seed oil
1 tsp olive oil
olive oil for brushing

Slice carrot and celery into very thin matchsticks.  Slice onion and mushrooms. Heat oils and ginger in a skillet until hot.  Add vegetables and sauté until tender.  Add soy sauce and stir well.
Divide mixture in fourths, spread on the pastry and roll.  Place on a baking sheet, brush the tops lightly with oil and bake, 400F (200C) for 15 – 18 minutes, until golden. 

8 thoughts on “Egg Rolls”

  1. Woo the egg rolls look fabulous! Gorgeous indeed.
    Looks like you have great rails around the opening … oh that’s scaffolding 🙂 Still much progress is being made and it’s looking wonderful.

  2. Papering is such a marathon so well done. I also though making egg rolls was a marathon effort too but done in the oven changes things. I have never encountered Brik in Australia or even heard of it but it looks fiddly. I probably would have better luck papering the walls with it instead of trying to wrap it around food !!

  3. I often get “brick au thon” when I go to Tunisia for work – they are absolutely delicious. They put a mixture of tuna, onion & I think spinach??? on to one and then crack an egg on top and fold the whole thing into a triangle and fry it. And then you squeeze a ton of lemon juice on top and take a bite and the yolk breaks all over – yum!!!

  4. Tanna, rails would be greatly appreciated and are anxiously awaited. Tired of gaping hole. Thanks ‘-))
    Elizabeth, I did, too – but as I don’t deep fry I am always experimenting.
    Val, thanks – they were good, and thanks!
    manningroad, it’s much less fiddly than phyllo. We papered together and did not injure each other. I think that’s an accomplishment…..
    Griffin’s Grub, I didn’t know they could be baked either LOL I try…
    K-Sam – that’s exactly what I saw being made on the travel show – and I wanted it! I may get up the courage to do some deep-frying…. I didn’t know you your area extended to Tunisia – how fun – I hope!
    Greg, I could have too much time on my hands… No, that’s not it. I keep trying to make things with the ingredients I can find – substitution as art!

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