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Egg Rolls — 8 Comments

  1. Woo the egg rolls look fabulous! Gorgeous indeed.
    Looks like you have great rails around the opening … oh that’s scaffolding 🙂 Still much progress is being made and it’s looking wonderful.

  2. Papering is such a marathon so well done. I also though making egg rolls was a marathon effort too but done in the oven changes things. I have never encountered Brik in Australia or even heard of it but it looks fiddly. I probably would have better luck papering the walls with it instead of trying to wrap it around food !!

  3. I often get “brick au thon” when I go to Tunisia for work – they are absolutely delicious. They put a mixture of tuna, onion & I think spinach??? on to one and then crack an egg on top and fold the whole thing into a triangle and fry it. And then you squeeze a ton of lemon juice on top and take a bite and the yolk breaks all over – yum!!!

  4. Tanna, rails would be greatly appreciated and are anxiously awaited. Tired of gaping hole. Thanks ‘-))
    Elizabeth, I did, too – but as I don’t deep fry I am always experimenting.
    Val, thanks – they were good, and thanks!
    manningroad, it’s much less fiddly than phyllo. We papered together and did not injure each other. I think that’s an accomplishment…..
    Griffin’s Grub, I didn’t know they could be baked either LOL I try…
    K-Sam – that’s exactly what I saw being made on the travel show – and I wanted it! I may get up the courage to do some deep-frying…. I didn’t know you your area extended to Tunisia – how fun – I hope!
    Greg, I could have too much time on my hands… No, that’s not it. I keep trying to make things with the ingredients I can find – substitution as art!