Ground Beef, Barley Vegetable Soup; winter soups and winter — 9 Comments

  1. Oh I love the view of undisturbed snow on tables and chairs and precariously balancing on branches… we had the same view until my human puppies went out and decided snow was fun!
    Hm craving onion soup now. Yesterday we had the very Dutch split pea soup. Very appropriate.

  2. Katie,
    So glad that, this year, you got the snow and not me. You’ll remember that this time last year we didn’t get a piddly 4″, we were digging out from 4 FEET, that came down overnight!
    Hope you’re not home alone very much longer.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful list of soups! We also had some snow here and there’s nothing that fits more cold days than a hout soup!

  4. I wish it could snow here in northern CA 🙂 But the soup looks delicious and very warming.

  5. I hope the fur-kids were not hell-on-clean-floors after they came bouncing back in from their snow-day. That Ground Beef, Barley and Vegetable Soup looks like it could just about fit the bill here when temps plummet into the 50s F.

  6. Baking Soda, Split Pea – love it…. The snow was pretty – would have been more appreciated if I didn’t know it was going to last 2 weeks.
    Chuck, but you’re prepared for it – we don’t have snow plows! (or shovels or snow blowers or proper boots) This is why we left MN….
    Zoomie, It was pretty… no longer is LOL
    Nuria, you having snow is even worse than us having snow…. Although I have seen snow in Barcelona, myself… didn’t last though..,. This is!
    Priscilla, you can have ours 😉
    Dan, clean floors? That’s not going to happen until it dries out – which now will be after the snow melts. Our temps are NOT supposed to go below 50F At the moment it’s 14F We are not pleased.
    manningroad, even when I was young and single I would make big pots of soup for the freezer – almost all I ate when I was on my own.

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