Moroccan Lentils and Butternut Squash; snowed in — 13 Comments

  1. Katie,
    I just love it, We’ll be OK, “We have food, firewood and wine.” 🙂
    Great looking recipe. Think I’ll make it.
    Happy snowshoeing,

  2. Food, firewood and wine…..the basic necessities of anyone living where winter shows its ugly face!!!!! Love your lentil dish…I would have walked to it if I had been in your area of the world.

  3. Sometimes it’s nice when Mother Nature gives you an excuse to stay home by the fire, sipping wine and eating delicious foods like that. Thanks, Mom!

  4. Living in the Great White North and the land of snow pleas in the winter I can’t imagine never being unable to go where I want to if I choose too. Being snowed in when I have to go to work might not be such a bad idea!

  5. Katie – another lovely squash dish! Full of great flavors. Speaking of the weather…so strange. A few weeks ago we had 1 1.5 feet of snow – very unusual. It lasted for 4 days. Now we have mild warm temperatures – in fact we went to the beach! Does it seem the weather patterns around the world are a tad bit unusual? Where we live on the West Coast of British Columbia, our weather has been all over the map! They are saying by the weeks end, we will be freezing again. Go figure?

  6. New York City NEVER stops for snow so I always think it’s funny to hear about places that stop after 1/2 inch. That’s nothing!
    Being snowed in can be fun, though, and this lentil/squash dish sounds like the perfect food to cozy up with!

  7. Brassfrog, we’d be better if I didn’t have to keep going outside with the puppies – it’s cold out there!
    Susan, and you would have been most welcome – and snowed in with us!
    Zoomie, I wish I could stay by the fire – puppies need exercise.
    Val, much the same in MN – had to be really bad to cause a problem. But Ireland – that was a hoot!
    Ina, I’m convinced that the weather is always weird….. I’m just happier when we get the warm stuff rather than the cold stuff
    manningroad, it’s supposed to be with us another whole week… A week!
    Joanne, it was the same in Minneapolis… Not here! But then life is slower here LOL

  8. These sound delicious! You have combined two of my favorite ingredients here with the lentils and squash! The spices sound so warming :)!

  9. Hmmmm, I tried to comment already (maybe I did??) If this is a repeat, please do delete it.
    I’m not the biggest fan of snow OR being snowed in but I could definitely get used to it if I were snowed in in the south of France in a nice warm house with a nice big bowl of lentils and squash. And perhaps a couple of glasses of wine too?

  10. Claire, it was… thanks!
    Amy, they’re 2 of my favorites, too – and they really went well together.
    Zoomie, they don’t get to do that any longer – until I fix the fence they’re not trustworthy. Sigh…
    Elizabeth, it’s the nice warm house that we’re missing…. It’s still a construction site in a lot of areas… with cold breezes. But the wine does help LOL.