Pork and Chickpea Stew; more stews — 5 Comments

  1. I think casseroles stole the limelight that stews once enjoyed. The same is true of soups. What could be easier than making soup? But people are afraid of them . . .

  2. My problem with stews (and soups) is usually that it makes so much that we have that dish night after night – a little boring. And yet, they aren’t worth doing for a single serving. I do sometimes use the freezer for that second helping of stew…

  3. manningroad, I love one pot meals – and your beans look wonderful!
    Gary, both are so easy – and so comforting….
    Zoomie, it took practice but I’ve managed to get stews down to only 4 servings – which means 2 meals… LOL
    Tanna, I fill me freezer with soup every fall – it’s empty by spring.